Lowest Divorce rate in India

Divorce rate in India (1.1%) is very low compared that in US and Europe. A few questions arise why it is so. Reasons may be,

1. Indian couples are really happy and committed compared to those in developed countries.

2. Because rich in Culture.

3. They have much Oxytocin and Vesoprassin secretion in brain compared to that in other developed countries.

While I am writing this article, I met at least 30 couples of different age group. Out of 30 couples, 10 couples denied to share their personal life and rest 20 couples whom I know personally disclose their feeling in quite few years. Out of these 20 couples, 10 couple have enough reason to get a divorce and out of this 10 couple only 3 couple considering (not mutually) about getting rid of that and ultimately one couple gets a divorce but not always.

I have already furnished enough reason for divorce which includes:

• Physical and mental torture

• Extra-marital affair

• Addiction and substance abuse

• Unequal attitude to non-earning partner

• Excessive Possiveness

• Not spending quality time even quantity time.

The facts revealed is entirely different from the above assumption. There is different reason for different age group. 90% of divorce cases are filed in India by men, which do not mean women do not want it but they cannot afford it. The main reason for all age group is economic handicap which makes the divorce rate in india very low.

For the age group 27-37:

3 couple considering divorce mostly belong to this age group. Even they think, it cannot be materialize because of family Conservativeness, Social hatred.

In most mediocre families if his/her son or daughter is thinking of divorce they oppose violently because of losing Social Status. They believe that “Nobody will marry his/her second daughter or son. After divorce they will have to find another divorcee to get married”

For the age group 38-48:

Majority of this age group believe they entered in a “one way” route and extended their roots so deep that it could not removed. If they cut the root, it is not possible for them to survive.

For the age group 49-59:

They believe this is fate and they have to accept it till death. Nothing can be done better. Rarely do they think about divorce. If somebody does he/she is violently opposed by his children and social hatred. People believe “This is not the time to enjoy life. This is the time to devote you to GOD and wait for the Final Call”.

There was a Reality Show “App ki Kechari” on a Private TV Channel in India showing in most cases couples agreeing to stay together not because to live their lives again, but have to spend their life. There is no “either or” option.

In the coming years Divorce rate in India will grow up. It does not mean society is moving in backward direction. This is very hard to believe because 100 years ago we believe in “SATI”. Wife has to sacrifice her life for her husband. In the same mind set we can’t take it granted my wife leaves me officially in front of Society.

Unnoticed causes of divorce: There are so many causes that people get divorced but most unnoticed cause of divorce is inability to handle dark side of Success

Yes, it is possible to succeed in a second marriage, but you need to first learn.....

Another reason for low divorce rate in India is the divorce laws. Click here to know the divorce laws in India.

Marriage in India is the greatest events in India. People lives in BPL categories spends five times more than World richest country. Former Miss World Ashwaria Rai had given married to a tree to free her from “mangalic” effect.

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