Food value of Garlic

Indian Name: Lahasoon

Food value of garlic is great. It contain high percentage of minerals and vitamins. It also contains traces of iodine, sulphur and chlorine. Garlic has been held in high esteem for its health building qualities for centuries all over the world.

Food value of Garlic (Value per 100 gms edible portion)

Moisture 62.0%
Protein 6.3%
Fat 0.1%
Minerals 1.0%
Fibre 0.8%
Carbohydrates 29.8%

Mineral and Vitamins

Calcium 30 mg
Phosphorus 310 mg
Iron 1.3 mg
Vitamin C 13 mg
Small amount of Vitamin B Complex ---
Calorific Value 145

Calories and Food Value of Indian Food

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